Brussels – Belgium, institutional heart of Europe, headquarters of the Commission of the European Parliament,

the most important European trade associations in the fishing sector are present, such as: Europêche, Cogeca, Mediterranean Tonnieri Association, ECSA Shipowners’ trade association, research bodies and important European institutions with which our editorial medium “L’Armatore” from years has established a direct line for the dissemination of fishing policies adopted in favor of the sector. In this context, participation in the Salone dell’Alimentare represented an opportunity for the strengthening and consolidation of our magazine with the European institutions for the dissemination and dissemination of economic fisheries policies, new eco-compatible fishing systems, safety and traceability of fish products, technological innovations, promoted by the EU in favor of the sector, as well as for the publication of notices, circulars and laws.

Participation in the event with a personalized L’Armatore area represented an important commercial platform for our magazine for the acquisition of potential customers, for the selection of a target of operators and for helping to improve the dialogue between operators and institutions in order to achieve a common fisheries policy in the Mediterranean.


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