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Isola del Gusto 2019

Isola del Gusto 2019

“Isola del Gusto” is an integrated promotion initiative (co-marketing) of the typical products, cultural and gastronomic traditions of the Sicilian territory.

An event promoted by the Agriculture and Fishing Department – Fishing Department and the Productive Activities Department – Internationalization Service of the Sicilian Region. Event dedicated to the promotion of food and fish products from the Sicily region.

Food is perhaps the most qualifying element of a territory, the one most closely connected to its identity and for this reason when we talk about the closure of the supply chain, the circular economy linked to the territory, we cannot ignore the commitment in the kitchen of the identity products .

Event dedicated to the promotion of the identity traditions of Sicily

The design idea of ​​the 3rd edition of “Isola del Gusto” was born from the awareness of a territory rich in important agri-food productions located in an area of ​​Sicily rich in history, culture and a varietal heritage which have contributed to identifying this area of ​​the South Western Sicily.

An event dedicated to the earth/sea planet, a unique occasion that mixed scientific dissemination, technical meetings, show cooking and gastronomic tastings, which highlighted the organoleptic and morphological nutritional aspects of agri-food products for greater recognition by a selected public of operators and tourists present in our territory who have constituted a natural sounding board at national and international level.

Three days of tasting of fish and agri-food products accompanied by different native cultivars of Sicilian oils and wines selected by prestigious food and wine experts. An action of contamination, therefore between science, food and wine and the typicality of the products, because, through the plate and the glass – as gastronomy experts affirm – a territory is recognized. Therefore, “a showcase of food and for food”. Thanks to the participation of institutes, hotel schools and renowned local chefs, a lab area was set up to show and tell about the preparation of typical dishes of traditional and popular Sicilian cuisine, rediscovering forgotten flavours, and transmitting a wealth of knowledge and secrets of Sicilian gastronomic cuisine.

During the “Isola del Gusto” event, interesting seminars were held on Mediterranean food, on the traditions and curiosities of Sicilian cuisine, on the chemical and health aspects of the products and on new techniques and methodologies for promoting products in foreign markets, related by authoritative experts in the internationalization of SMEs in foreign markets, such as: the multinational Sopexa (Food, Drink and Lifestyle Promotion and Marketing Company), the ICE (Foreign Trade Institute). Some successful “Case histories” were presented of Italian agri-food products in the world, a useful opportunity to discuss growth, sustainable development and technological innovation, as essential foundations for building the future of Sicilian companies. The seminars were further enriched by interesting video projections on: “How to recognize fish fresh”, “Certification systems of agri-food products”, “Production method of dairy products: Vastedda del Belice” – typical cheese of the Valley, and also, Smartphone App on the quality of fish products, slides on nutritional aspects and breeding of molluscs.

Tasting of dishes and fish products of the ancient Sicilian culinary tradition. And to the delight of tourists and guests present every day local artisans showed “live” the production techniques of baskets, pots and baskets. A photographic exhibition “Road of knowledge” was set up, an educational and cognitive journey on the typical products of Sicily.

Gastronomy was therefore a key to discovering the uses and customs of our Sicilian culture.


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