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Isola del Gusto 2022

Isola del Gusto 2022

PO EMFF 2014/2020 Measure 5.68 in favor of the marketing of Sicilian fish products

5th edition of “Isola del Gusto”

Annual appointment dedicated to the promotion of Sicilian fish and agri-food products

24 Sicilian companies in the fish and agri-food sector

12 trade unions/trade associations, research centers and professional studios

6 means of communication

2 foreign historians/communicators of Sicilian gastronomy

1 professional hotel institute (Damiani – Marsala)

1 association of chefs and cooks (FIC – Trapani)

1 Bartending association Sicily

over 400 fish-based tastings accompanied by wines, prepared over the three days of the event

Three intense days to taste, learn, share and promote Sicilian fish products accompanied by local “fish” oils and wines.

An event with a rich calendar of appointments: seminars, thematic exhibitions, meetings with gastronomic historians, sommeliers, chefs and cooks from the world of gastronomic art, experts in food science, scientific research and food safety, as well as trade unions and fishermen’s associations, a Bartending association which has skilfully promoted healthy, responsible and aware drinking.

Gastronomy has therefore been a key to discovering the uses and customs of our traditional seafaring culture.

The main element of innovation of the 5th edition of “Isola del Gusto” was to correctly disseminate knowledge of the less valuable fish products of the Mediterranean among final consumers, with the aim of increasing responsible judgment, changing purchasing habits and consumption of fish in respect of their reproduction periods, in order to contribute to sustainable fishing.

Moments from the Seminars

Moments of Showcooking

Stand exhibitors


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